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My week 6 story is almost done – a couple days ahead of schedule!

I love getting caught up in writing a story or poem or song. I’m grateful that my life is set up for me to be able to immerse myself in story writing and rewriting for hours (though oft-interrupted hours) at a time. My MIL needs help standing up, getting her coffee and water to where she’ll be sitting, and of course I prep and serve meals, help her in the bathroom, make the bed, do laundry, wash dishes. But when she’s walking slowly but steadily to one of her comfy chairs, or sitting in said comfy chair, I have time to write. What a blessing.

ALSO – it’s Throwback Thursday (TBT). Time to dig into my physical or digital files and dredge up something that very few (or no) people have seen other than myself. I’ll put it in the story section for now, though I’m considering having TBT as a separate category (is there a more accurate word than category?) with its own pages. I’ll see.

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