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Must dig dirt

The sun has been out the last couple of days! Being a Seattlite, I have felt compelled, and even obligated, to go outside to experience the modicum of warmth and the no-rain dryness. Spring! Pre-spring! Whatever it is, I have loved being outside digging in my garden, reconfiguring the dirt to create a raised garden bed and to make pathways and spaces for rock sculptures. I will use cardboard and bark as groundcovers to keep the weeds down.

I have forgotten to blog for about a week now, partly due to the weather, and also because I’ve been distracted by my MIL’s current stay in a rehab center and upcoming Baha’i celebrations. Ayyam-i-Ha begins tomorrow with games and craft-making, continues with giving those crafts to the residents of the previously mentioned rehab center the day after that, and ends with a Sunday evening at the Family Fun Center.

I think I would get a lot more writing done if I didn’t have the distractions of responsibilities. At least I don’t have a job outside of the home. And while MIL is being cared for and rehabbed elsewhere, I do have time to choose my own activities instead of having them all preplanned and accounted for. Unfortunately, I often choose to spend my time playing Candy Crush Saga or watching TV. Housework gets in there sometimes, too.

But what about writing!?!

I didn’t finish a story for last week, so now I owe my website two stories, one for Week 7, and one for Week 8. I have both of them started, but not ready to publish. I must get them done! But with sunshine and a very busy weekend ahead, I may have to submit 3 stories next week. Gleep!

Here’s hoping I can get back into a one-story-a-week habit soon.

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