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Wednesday Post! (May this start a trend…)

Doug is dutifully and admirably working on his computer, creating visual art to post on Instagram, and I am following his creative example. We sit side by side on our couch, with blanket-filled space between us, both with laptops in our laps.

I’ve been thinking about the poem I posted most recently – Us. I’ve decided that the ending is a bit awkward, because “we”, when read aloud, could also be heard/visualized as “wee”. On one hand, it seems unlikely that a reader would hear this pronoun-heavy poem and think that I was referring to urine with that word, instead of the first person plural pronoun. But on the other hand, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so others may notice the homophone issue as well. Also, since there’s a precedent within the poem for playing around with words, maybe readers would consider that I threw in a double meaning for fun.

However, I do mean “we”, not “wee”, and since I may read this aloud to an audience someday, I decided to experiment with a version of the poem that is less ambiguous. Here is what I came up with:




This and That loved Those and These

But always avoided Them.


They liked Them and a little of That,

But These were never Their friends.


It felt It didn’t belong with Them,

But was chummy with Hes and Shes.


Them like That and That liked Those,

But neither were fans of These.


One day They and Them met at

A stop with Hes and Shes.


Up walked Those and This and That,

Joined by It and These.


It followed the motley group as It

Boarded a local bus,


And panicked, until It recalled that We,

Together, all make Us.


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