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Bombardier Weeds

I did not post a blog entry yesterday, in part due to a war on bombardier weeds. These are prolific plants with spring-loaded seed pods that, when ripe, will fling their potential progeny in many directions. I’ve seen these weeds triggered by the lightest touch – even a stiff breeze can get them to pop. And if there is a wide expanse of them (which there often is, in my yard), one seed explosion can trigger all the plants nearby and beyond in a chain reaction of proliferation. It’s entertaining to witness, even joy-producing if one doesn’t imagine the future consequences of such a display.

So, I was determined to pull as many bombardier weeds as possible yesterday, before they had a chance to ripen. Pulling them once they are ripe is an exercise in unhappy futility. For every 1 weed I pull, dozens more are being scattered in potentia. So I spent many hours yesterday, digging and pulling and dumping buckets of dirty, sandy greenery. By the end of the day, I had a deep, pre-migrainey headache, stiff, aching muscles, and a bad attitude, so I didn’t blog. I had also planned on calling my Mom, but I was outside until past her bedtime (Montana is one hour ahead of us), so I didn’t do that either.

On a side-note – I googled “bombardier weeds” and found nothing to indicate that this is even a plant. I would like to find out what other people call them. When I babysat my honorary niece, I would call them firecracker weeds because I didn’t want to have to explain what a bombardier is. Firecrackers are more entertainment than war-related explosions, and thus seemed more appropriate for a young kiddo.

Now I must leave for work. I might even get there on time.

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