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Spring smells and ideas

Spring is gearing up and smelling lovely. Every first step outside is perfumed with growth, and I breathe deep, as if taking in the aroma of chocolate baking, or warm  berry pie. It’s air to be eaten up, this time of year, gobbled and gulped with the hunger and thirst that comes after winter deprivation. I love the increasingly warmer days, and they make me feel loved; I take weather very personally.

The vitality of my yard/garden is making me wish I knew more about landscape design. I have watched some of a Udemy course on the topic, but I haven’t gotten to the main principles yet. I have gathered most of the recommended drawing and measuring supplies, but I haven’t done a full survey of my yard. I need an architectural level (I can’t remember the official name of it) to measure the dips and rises in the yard. Once I have a to-scale drawing, I can better figure out what structures and plants I would like to put in various places. Some of my ideas involve more time/money/labor than I’m currently able or willing to invest. But some day I will have benches and swings and gazebos and decks and fountains and ponds, and lovely spaces to wander and daydream, even if only on paper or in my mind.

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