Forgot, remembered

I forgot to blog yesterday, although I remembered, too. All throughout the day, these two mind realities traded off. I thought about blogging in the morning, but decided I had time for that later, so I did something else. Blogging came to mind during the day, but others counted on me to do other things during those times. Stuff happened — the usual and the just-came-up — until evening, when I again thought, “must blog”! But I volunteered for MIL bedtime duty instead.

During MIL’s slow progression from front door to bedroom (and by slow I means about 3 feet per minute – I timed it) I thought about going to get my computer and blogging until she needed help from me. But drowsiness and knowing that conversing would be required of me, even if action wasn’t, kept me from going next door to get my laptop. Not much later, back at my place, did I remember my blogging commitment or not? Either way, sleepiness brought me to bed instead of to my computer, and here I am the next morning, blogging and trying to get younger daughter out of bed for school.

So even though it would be accurate to say that I forgot to blog yesterday, I also remembered. I just didn’t do it. But if time is an illusion, as some scientists and some sacred writings imply, then maybe the fact that I didn’t blog on one of my “every day”s, doesn’t really matter.

Yeah. Nice try, me.

I’ll just keep moving forward from here, as those of us living in time must do.