Week 4 story – Cop Out

She couldn’t keep her hands out of the snack drawer. Hunger was not the cause of her consumption of approximately one half cup almonds, 2 Stretch Island fruit strips, and 3 halves of three different granola bars. It was her self-set deadline. She was supposed write a short story every Saturday for every week of 2016. And here it was, Sunday, with no story written.

Not a big deal, some might say. In fact, she even said that to herself. But her very full stomach and strong thirst tempting her to drink a soda said something along the lines of, “If you didn’t write a story by this Saturday, how will you get yourself to write a story by the next Saturday? Remember, your first goal was to have a story written by every Friday, but you didn’t get it done that second week, so you told yourself Friday wasn’t good for you, and making Saturday the goal would give you some weekend time to work on it. So what are you going to do? Change the goal to every Sunday now? Who’s to say it won’t slip into Monday? How about Wednesday? Or back to Friday? Before you know it, you’ve skipped a week. This project is about discipline! About making writing a priority in your life! Why even bother if you’re going to give up on your goals four weeks into the year? What’s the point?”

Suddenly she remembered that she had purchased a Hershey bar a few days before and that she didn’t eat all of it. “Maybe it’s still there,” she thought, quickly walking toward of the kitchen cupboards. She stopped thinking about her story while she scrounged through pill bottles, hoping no one else in her family had noticed the chocolate tucked behind a Costco size bottle of Ibuprofen.