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Update and Spellplay

Spring and summer have commanded much of my time and attention, and adding to my website has gone to the wayside. Even my journals* have seen little in the way of writing other than to make lists of things I need to do or to draw sketches of features I would like to add to my yard and garden.

The project for the next couple of weeks is to finishing painting the pergola above our backyard patio and then add a clear (gray tinted, really) roof to it. September can bring rain with it, so we’re trying to finish up by the end of this month – 8 days to go!

I would like to start up my 5 of 5 practice again. I have accomplished 3 of 5 so far this morning: 5 minutes each of stretching, reading sacred writings, and praying. When I was about to begin writing in my journal, I came across a journal entry from 1/23/21 which I found amusing. It’s three jokes that use spelling in the punchline.

Is there a name for that kind of joke? It’s a form of wordplay, but I don’t know if it has a specific name, or if people even use it as a type of humor. Maybe it would be considered a type of pun, but if so, it is different, if only because it needs to be seen spelled out to be understood. Or maybe it doesn’t, and I just prefer it that way.

Anyway, here are the three examples:

Q: What do you call a long-necked animal who thinks something is funny?
A: A giraugh.

Q: What do you call a baker who arranges bouquets?
A: A flourist.

Q: What is that person from northern Spain doing lying in the sun?
A: Basque-ing.

It’s time to go water the garden and paint the porch.

*I have 2 journals going at once right now, because one fits in my purse, and because I occasionally misplace one and can then resort to the other one, if I can find it.