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Ways to Tell a Story

I like to tell a story
Thoroughly and true –
Dig in and investigate
The pieces through and through        

Or fluff it like a pillow
Snuggle up and rest,
Grab a nearby blanket,
And make myself a nest

Or play with it and dance it,
Kick up its happy heels,
Ride with it on roller skates
And fly above its wheels

Or live it in my daily life,
Be my story’s plot,
Elaborate my character,
Inquire and cast my lot.

Everyone’s a story,
Parts real and parts pretend.
We can’t see all the elements,
Or know how things will end.

However told: dug, fluffed or played
Or something else entire,
We can find in other’s stories,
Themes that will inspire.

So whether yours is whisper soft
Or grab-some-earplugs bold,
Your story is important.
Make sure it’s being told.