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Garden Bed

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours putting together a 4′ x 4′ cedar garden bed. I sanded and sealed each of the cedar boards I would need from the kit, and while those were drying, I levelled out the trenches that the bed walls would sit in. After that, assembly went very quickly, sliding boards into corner post notches. The result is a 17″ tall soon-to-be borscht garden, with beets, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, dill, and carrots – and maybe more. I’m so happy to get one bed made, and I hope to get at least 2 more up by the end of April.

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Getting started

Front Yard 3/18/22 – Spray painting a trial vision
Front Yard 3/18/22 – Bed beginnings

I spray-painted potential bed borders onto my front lawn about a week ago. Since I don’t have
the guidance of a landscaping professional, as I’d hoped, I’m just jumping in with what I have for
ideas so far. My 4’x4′ cedar garden beds are waiting in the garage. I plan on going to home depot
for sand, to help me level the beds, and maybe some heavy-duty paper to set into the bed trenches,
and maybe some landscape fabric garden staples. I thought I had some staples, but I can’t find

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Garden Potential

My front and back yards are full of garden potential. Right now they consist mostly of lumpy expanses of grass. But in my mind (and on graph paper) are forming raised garden beds, a firepit, a labyrinth, and much more. Now I am waiting for warmer, less rainy weather before I fully dive into making the physical changes.