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Sunshine and Rain

Sunshine filtered through clouds and rain,
Silence invaded by rooftop refrain,
Reminds me I’m sheltered from weather’s pain.
And in gray there is light, and I see.

Giddy from freedom yet overcome
With so much to do and to run away from
I sit cozy and thinking, a blanket bum,
My mind resting radically.

Why must I die before I awake
To wait for Heaven my soul to take,
When living and dying in unison shake
And filter our essences free?

A jay bird shrieks at me just outside.
I’m calm and crazy, eyes open wide,
Possibilities, real life, side by side.
I’m a blue, flying, blissful ennui.

If I’ve one thing to tell you, please tell me, too.
I see the truth better reflected in you.
Opposites clashing into something true,
Clouds and sky framing the trees.

Kill me now, Something of Marvelousness.
Reincarnate me apart from my mess.
Wash me down, light me up, make me confess
Blue-jay loud declarations of me.

(Written in 2012)