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Truth to Power

Dear Power,

I can’t help but notice that out relationship has been strained lately. We used to be such good friends. And, we were very effective co-workers, complementing each other’s skill sets. Remember when people combined our names to call us “The Tower”? It struck me as an apt metaphor: tower as vantage point for clearly seeing a situation, as well as a great place to speak and motivate the multitudes.

What happened to us? How did we become enemies?

You told me once that I was trying to deprive you of your influence. But that’s exactly what I thought about you. I felt belittled by you, and it looked to me that, instead of bringing the team together for a common goal, you were choosing goals that benefit you the most. Resentful, I became dismissive of feelings for the sake of facts, and people started ignoring me because I was so unpleasant. 

After awhile, I realized that without you, I’m a bunch of knowledge going nowhere. And without me, you still go places, but they’re odd, confusing places, and only you seem to know the reasons for being there.

I think everyone would benefit if we started to work together again. I’m not suggesting a compromise, but a promise – that we will consult each other in order to do what’s best for everyone. 

So, what do you say to getting “The Tower” back in action? Maybe we can talk about it over lunch. My treat!

I’ve missed you. I sincerely hope we can work together again soon.

Your friend,