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2009 Intro

Word Fertilizer

The blah de blog of Sydney Hanson Mandt, author, person, etc.

About the name “Word Fertilizer”

For years now, I have wanted to use the name “Word Fertilizer” for my personal web site and blog. I like it for many reasons.

One is for the repeating “erd” sound. Would that be assonance or consonance, or a combination of the two?

Also, the “erd” sound is spelled two different ways : “ord” and “ert”. This phenomenon reminds me of my Dad, who loved to play around with creative spelling, and often signed letters to me “Robber Tell Hand Sun”, or something similar. (It looks like a Native American name, but it’s just a fun way to write “Robert L. Hanson”. I guess “Dad” just didn’t have enough spelling options for him.)

And then there are the concepts behind the name. Words are wonderful ways to express concepts, and some of my favorite things to play with. And fertilizer, though sometimes stinky, is wonderful stuff to grow other stuff in. And I would love for the words that I string together to help other things grow, like thoughts, stories, interesting characters and the concepts they help demonstrate. Plus, labelling my blog/website with the word “fertilizer” can help keep me humble when I become a best-selling author, reminding me that sometimes the things I write can still be (if you’ll pardon the expression) “full of crap”.

Isn’t “word fertilizer” a lovely phrase? I can’t believe someone didn’t snatch up the URL before I did!